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Gas Pool & Spa Heaters

Little Giant is proud to offer our gas powered pool and spa heaters to extend the season of your family fun.  They are available in both propane fired and natural gas fired for any gas supply needed.  We currently offer gas pool and spa heater in two sizes, the 120,000btu and 180,000btu which heat 150 gallons and 250 gallons per hour at a 60* rise in temperature. 

These heaters are designed to be installed downstream from your pump, and heat the water as it is circulated through the system.  Our heaters are based on the same design as your typical residential water heater, just on a much larger scale.  Reliability and maintenance are key factors in our heaters, so you don’t have to worry about high priced repairs or replacement parts.  All our gas heaters also come with a one year no worry guarantee.  For the gas pool and spa heater that’s right for you, contact our knowledgeable sales staff today with any questions or concerns. 

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