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Hydro-Quip Electric Circulation

hydro-quip electric circulation baptistry heating control systemLittle Giant is proud to introduce the Hydro-Quip "BES" line of electric baptistry circulation heater systems to our line of baptistry water heaters. The Hydro-Quip "BES" joins our line of baptistry water heating systems as the deluxe option among our electric circulation water heaters, electric immersion water heaters and gas operated water heaters.

The Hydro-Quip "BES" comes in two sizes 5.5kw (BES-6000) and 11kw (BES-6005), each with a built-in 3/4hp water pump that allows installation up to 12 feet away. These options give the Hydro-Quip "BES" the capability to meet most any electric circulation water heating requirement, for baptismal pools large and small.

The Hydro-Quip "BES" is a UL listed electric circulation water heating system that comes complete with pump and installation kit. The water heater body features stainless steel construction for superior rust protection.

Controls on the Hydro-Quip "BES" include a rotary thermostat knob for controlling water temperature, with a high-limit reset button to provide over-heating protection. Heater operation is monitored via a virtual display system, or VDS, with indicator light to alert of any heater problems. The Hydro-Quip "BES" is also protected from accidental "dry-fire" with a built-in pressure switch.

Electric baptistry circulation heater systems are fully expandable to offer auto-fill systems, as well as, auto-drain systems. With an optional remote control panel installed, you can control your heater system from anywhere within 25 feet.

All Hydro-Quip "BES" electric baptistry circulation water heating systems come with a one year warranty offering peace of mind against any manufacturer's defect.

Heating performance is as follows:

  • 5.5kw heats 500 gallons in 6 hours by 30 degree rise in temp.
  • 11kw heats 500 gallons in 3 hours by 30 degree rise in temp.
  • 5.5kw requires 240volt single phase 40amp circuit. Draws 30amps.
  • 11kw requires 240volt single phase 70amp circuit. Draws 53amps.

Hydro-Quip BES System Pricing:

BES6000 – 5.5kw Electric Heater System $625.00
BES6005 – 11.kw Electric Heater System $725.00

BES System Accessories:

#48-0143 – Auto-Fill System Add-on $350.00
#48-0141 – Auto-Drain System Add-on(req's #48-0143) $325.00
#HQ-REMOTE – Remote Control Panel 25' $250.00


**Fully Assembled

**Fully Tested

**Accessory Plug-In

**On Board Diagnostics

**1 Year Warranty

**Stainless Steel Water Chamber

**Built-In Thermostat and Pressure Switch

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