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Fiberglass Minarets Towers

Little Giant is proud to offer our fiberglass minaret towers in sizes ranging from 12’ up to 80’ tall. These beautiful minarets are constructed using the highest quality polyester styrene fiberglass and “armour flex” gel coats. The use of these high quality materials ensures our minarets to maintain their colors and are resistant to extreme weather conditions including hail. They are manufactured using tubular steel to ensure they have the maximum strength and durability, with 120 mph wind loads standard and 150 mph upon request.


Our minarets are all “pre-fit” or put together at our manufacturing site to ensure ease of installation once it arrives at your job site. We use a 40’ crane to preassemble the pieces to make sure there is proper alignment before it leaves our facilities. The simple bolt together steel structure and our pre-assembly help minimize costly delays during installation.


With the use of our “armor flex” gel coats, the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays wont damage or fade your color. They withstand years and years of abuse without the need to repaint or resurface your minaret. This means a substantial decrease in your maintenance costs over the life of the minaret. Contact Little Giant today to inquire about our one-of-a-kind minarets for your church facility.


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