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Medium Steeples - 34 to 39 Feet

Little Giant is an expert in manufacturing and delivering exquisite, high-quality steeples of all sizes, including those 34 to 39 feet tall. All Little Giant steeples are made to endure weather extremes like hail, rain and high wind, and come standard with 120 mph wind loads. Steeples can also be engineered for 150+ mph for an additional charge.

Each Little Giant steeple comes pre-fit for simple installation and perfect positioning, and is available in a range of styles to enhance your building’s architectural look. Consider the following standard and custom features when ordering your 34 to 39 foot Little Giant steeple:      

Medium-sized Steeple Features

  • Variety of fine finishes, from white to metallic sheens
  • Sturdy, tubular steel design with bolt-together connections
  • Environmentally friendly gel coats with color retention and UV-resistance
  • Collar-to-collar fit and weather-resistant seal
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polyester wall
  • Customizable louvers, weathervanes and cross designs

If you’re unsure how to choose a steeple design for your church, cathedral or building, contact Little Giant’s expert team. We have over a century of experience providing average steeples for facilities across the U.S., and our products are built to last and guaranteed to require little maintenance.

Steeple Unit 9

Steeple Unit #9

$11,700.00 - False Louvers (round)
$13,010.00 - Vented Louvers (round)
$12,905.00 - Krinklglas (round)

Height: 39'   Base: 7'6" Square   Weight: 1500lbs
square also available - Add $300.00

Spire: #726
Cupola: #601
Base Cupola: #703
SU-9 Architectural Drawing (PDF)

Steeple Unit 20

Steeple Unit #20

$6,935.00 - Price

Height: 36'   Base: 7'4"   Weight: 1325lbs

Spire: #728
Cupola: #709
SU-20 Architectural Drawing (PDF)

Steeple Unit 29

Steeple Unit #29

$13,890.00 - Vented Louvers (round)
$14,505.00 - Krinklglas (round)

Height: 39'   Base: 7'6" Square   Weight: 1250lbs

Spire: #619
Cupola: #603
Cupola: #205
Base Cupola: #710
SU-29 Architectural Drawing (PDF)

Call Little Giant today at 1-800-930-9262 to inquire about in-stock steeple availability, ask about customization costs or to discuss expedited turnaround and delivery times.

Contact one of our qualified representatives today to discuss options and pricing
or to order from the number-one fiberglass church manufacturer in the U.S. call us today at 1-800-231-6035

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