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Church Steeple Options & Accessories

Once you’ve selected the steeple that suits your building, the Little Giant team can help you customize it with one or more of the following options:

  • False Louvers:

    Simulated louvers that provide that authentic, “bell-tower” look.
  • Vented Louvers:

    Vinyl louvers to accent and ventilate your steeple. Little Giant vented louvers are ideal for bells and carillons, and come standard with wire mesh bird screens and leak-proof designs.   
  • Krinklglas Windows:

    Translucent, unbreakable fiberglass windows that enhance your steeple’s look. Custom designs and colors are available for a modest upcharge.
  • Weathervanes:

    Finely crafted copper and aluminum designs to highlight your steeple’s distinctive look.
  • Spire Crosses:

    With or without a six- to nine-inch ball; available in heights ranging from two to four feet. Spire crosses add a look of elegance and tradition to any church or facility.
  • Decorative Railings:

    Designed to complement Little Giant steeples and cupolas. Unlike wood models that require frequent painting and maintenance, fiberglass railings are hassle-free and provide years of service.    
  • Decorative Urns:

    A classic way to beautify your made-to-order steeple. Available in white, gold, bronze, copper and silver, decorative urns are an ideal addition to steeple and cupola railings.

In addition to our wide selection of accessories and steeple options, Little Giant offers UL-listed lightning protection for standard and custom steeples. Each lightning protection package comes with a 12-inch, nickel-plated copper rod that threads into the spire’s top. With the help of a licensed contractor, copper cabling can be threaded to the unit’s base and connected to ground.  

Little Giant is a century-old company built upon family values. Contact our qualified representatives to inquire about steeple customization, request steeple accessories or discuss turnaround and delivery times.

Spire Crosses

SpireFiberglass crosses designed to be added to any of our steeple or cupola units. All have a 2" square body size. Available with or without lightning protection (shown with 12" terminal - more below). Further enhance the look of your steeple, with a 6" or 9" spire cross ball.

24" cross #2-SS - $265.00
36" cross #3-SS - $280.00
48" cross #4-SS - $295.00

Spire Cross Ball

6" diameter ball #Ball-6 - $75.00
10" diameter ball #Ball-9 - $150.00

Decorative Railings

Fiberglass railings will provide many years of low-maintenance service. Unlike wooden railings, fiberglass railings will not rot or need frequent painting. The railing systems shown here are designed to complement our cupolas and steeples, or may be used independently.

PNL Rail

Panel Rail System (Urns optional)
$Call for Quote

PKT Rail

Picket Rail system (Balls optional)
$Call for Quote

BLS Rail

Balustrade Rail system (Urns optional)
$Call for Quote

Decorative Urns

UrnThese urns are designed to enhance the overall beauty of the steeple unit. Available in white, gold, bronze, copper or silver finish.

12" Urn #U-12 - $Call for Quote
24" Urn #U-24 - $315.00
36" Urn #U-36 - $455.00

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection equipment is a recommended option for all steeple and cupola models. A 12" nickel plated copper terminal (lightning rod) threads into the top of the spire, and copper cabling is provided to the base of the unit. A licensed contractor should finish the connection to ground. All components are UL Listed.

For all standard units: $200.00
Additional Cable: $3.00 per ft.

Contact one of our qualified representatives today to discuss options and pricing
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