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Church Steeples

fiberglass church steeple schematicA church's steeple is its crowning glory. The symbol of hope seen for miles around welcoming and inviting neighbors to join the flock. Little Giant fiberglass church steeples have a beautiful, porcelain-like finish, yet they're durable against extreme weather, and highly resistant to the sun's damaging ultra-violet rays. Their gel coating is an integral part of the laminate, which ensures the steeple's finish won't fade or crack and peel like regular paint. This decreases the need for regular maintenance and extends the life of the steeple, a guaranteed value.

The versatile qualities of fiberglass combined with its lightweight design make a Little Giant steeple the perfect match for new church steeples, or to enhance an existing structure. For the cost conscious, the savings offered by a fiberglass steeple as opposed to other materials can be significant. Money saved can be allocated to special options like lighting or other customization choices.

Custom Steeple Design

Fiberglass custom church steeples from Little Giant come in wide variety of architectural styles and can be customized to meet anyone's needs. Choose from options such as: false or vented louvers, custom crosses, weather vanes, and more. We can provide windows in lieu of louvers that are covered with clear, colored, or patterned Krinklglas. This fiberglass reinforced material is translucent and unbreakable.

If your build requires a custom design fiberglass steeple, we can build to meet exact specifications for aesthetics or installation needs.

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