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Custom Entry Baptistry

Model A-3 Baptistry

Capacity: 765 gals.
Dry weight: 255 lbs.
Dimensions: 8'6"L x 4'8"W x 3'6"D

No Longer Available at this time...




Little Giant is proud to introduce our model A-3 as the most versatile baptistry pool on the market today. We offer a number of different step configurations to fit almost everyone’s needs. At 765 gallons the model A-3 is big enough to fit up to four people comfortably during a service.

It comes in single entry, double entry, and outside (special) entry to fulfill all your needs. We offer a viewing window that is 12” x 60” so that church members in the congregation can see a little more of what is going on during the service. We can take the separate molded steps and bolt them into the baptistry, using all stainless parts, wherever you so desire. This makes step placement your call, and you can customize it to your needs. Contact our knowledgeable sales team today for an industry leading price quote on the model A-3 baptistry today. 

Model A-3 Configurations

There are numerous other variations available. The outside and inside entry steps can be *placed at any location around the perimeter of the tank to meet your exact requirements.

*Note: the steps are molded separately and are bolted to the main baptistry tank.

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