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Portable Fiberglass Baptistry & Baptismal Pools

TMRX & FS Portable Baptistry

We offer portable baptistries such as the TMRX Portable & the FS Portable, both of which are small enough to move through 36" doorways. With the optional tabletop, our model can be used as a baptistry or communion table. Some of the features of our portable baptistries are one hundred gallon capacity, no need for plumbing, and lifetime molded fiberglass construction. Candidates are baptized from the sitting position while the minister remains outside of the unit.  With the lighter weights, optional casters, and with removable steps, our portable baptistries are the perfect mobile solution.

Portable Baptistry Features

  • Requires only 100 gallons of water
  • No plumbing required
  • Molded fiberglass construction
  • Less than 36" wide for access through most doors
  • Candidate baptized from sitting position
  • Minister remains outside baptistry
  • Removable steps
  • Can be used as a baptistry or communion table

Portable Baptistry

FS-Portable Baptistry

Capacity: 100 gals.
Dry weight: 230 lbs.
Dimensions: 5'7¼" L x 2'7" W x 3' D
Portable Baptistry Specs (PDF)

Price - $1295.00 + Shipping

Optional Wooden Communion Top - $425.00


TMRX Portable Baptistry

Capacity: 120 gals.
Dry weight: 400 lbs. w/ Oak Cabinet
Dimensions: 72" L x 34" W x 31" D
TMRX Drawing (PDF)

TMRX Portable w/ Oak Cabinet TMRX Portable w/ Wooden Frame
TMRX Portable w/ Oak Cabinet TMRX Portable w/ Wooden Frame

TMRX Portable Prices

Tub with Wooden Frame (w/steps) - $850.00

Tub with Wooden Oak Cabinet (Unfinished/Not stained) - $1250.00
Tub with Wooden Oak Cabinet (Honey Oak Stain Finish) - $1550.00

TMRX Portable Accessories

Drain/Fill Hose: +$50.00
Caster Wheel Kit: +$200.00
Oak Communion Top (Unfinished/Not stained) +$225.00
Oak Communion Top (Honey Oak Stain Finish) +$300.00



For a limited time only, with the purchase of one of our portable baptistries, get the immersion style heater for only $349!!!

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