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Dry Area Access Baptistry

Using this method, the candidate sits on the built-in seat while the minister stands behind the baptistry in a dry area. The weight of the candidate is on the seat and thus requires little effort on the minister to lay the person backward beneath the water. With this baptistry, the candidate will feel much more secure sitting than standing and is especially ideal for one who has a fear of water or for one who is large or handicapped. The minister will also appreciate this baptistry because he can be back in the pulpit immediately without having to change clothes.

Advantage to Dry Area Access Baptistries

The big bonus is that the baptistry costs less than the conventional models and requires less than half the water. It requires less than half the energy to heat and maintain a preset temperature and less than half the time to fill and heat before a service.

Model G-1 Baptistry

Model G-1


Capacity: 230 gals.
Dry weight: 150 lbs.
8'4"L x 3'1"W x 3'6"D

G-1 Drawing (PDF)

available with window
add $200.00

Model E-1 Baptistry

Model G-2


Capacity: 350 gals.
Dry weight: 230 lbs.
10'11"L x 3'1"W x 3'6"D

G-2 Drawing (PDF)

available with window
add $200.00

Portable Baptistry

Portable Baptistry


Capacity: 100 gals.
Dry weight: 230 lbs.
5'7-1/4"L x 2'7"W x 3'D

Portable Baptistry Specs (PDF)

Portable Baptistry

TMRX Baptistry

$1250.00 (Cabinet)
$1550.00 (Cabinet)

Capacity: 150 gals.
72"L x 34" W x 31" D

+$200.00 - Caster kit:
+$225.00 - Communion Top unfinished:
+$300.00 - Communion Top clear finish:
TMRX Drawing (PDF)

Model G-1 XL Baptistry

G-1 XL Baptistry


10'4"L x 3'1"W x 3'6"D

G-1 XL Drawing (PDF)

available with window
add $200.00

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