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Double Entry Fiberglass Baptistry

Our long history of manufacturing fiberglass baptisteries has made us experts in the field. We are dedicated to crafting the most durable and attractive double entry fiberglass baptistries. Built to last, our double entry fiberglass bapistries feature accessibility, style and affordability. Fiberglass baptistries provide long-lasting durability, safety and will not take away from the beauty of your church service.

Double Entry Fiberglass Bapistries: Fast Facts

  • Our baptistries feature permanent fiberglass construction that will not rust, rot or corrode
  • Fiberglass baptistries installation process is faster, easier and more economical compared to other baptistries being constructed of other, non-fiberglass materials
  • Molded with a satin smooth finish that is easily cleaned
  • Reinforcements are molded into the unit making it rigid, yet lightweight
  • Extra wide non-skid steps with gently rounded corners provide added safety
  • » Model T2M
  • » Model S-2
  • » Model S2W
  • » Model T2S
  • » Model EZ2
  • Model T2M Baptistry

    Model T2M


    Capacity: 800 gals.
    Dry weight: 315 lbs.
    15'1" x 4'10" x 3'6"

    available with window
    add $350.00

    Model S-2 Baptistry

    Model S-2


    Capacity: 690 gals.
    Dry weight: 255 lbs.
    13'7" x 4'2" x 3'6"

    available with window
    add $300.00

    Model S2W Baptistry

    Model S2W


    Capacity: 690 gals.
    Dry weight: 255 lbs.
    13'7" x 4'2" x 3'6"


    Model E-1 Baptistry

    Model EZ2


    Capacity: 350 gals.
    Dry weight: 230 lbs.
    14'4" x 3'4" x 3'6"

    available with window

    The Model A-3: A More Versatile Baptistry Solution

    The Baptistry Model A-3 is a versatile 765 gallon baptistry tank with separate configurable steps. Two sets of steps can be arranged with the tank to make a double entry baptistry. We have featured the Baptistry Model A-3 on a page with these and other configurations.

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