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Fiberglass Baptistry Options

Choosing a Baptistry, Baptism Font or Pool

There are numerous criteria in selecting the baptistry most appropriate for any specific application. For existing construction the dimensions may be all important. Should there be a window? Will entry into the baptistry be on one side only or will entry from both sides be required? Will the pastor wish to stand in a dry area outside of the baptistry while performing the baptism?

Below are links to all our baptistry models arrange according to the criteria discussed above. The capacity, dimensions, window availability and in some cases a variety of configurations are illustrated.

Of course, we stand ready to help with any questions you may have or assistance you may need regarding the selection of the best model for your needs. Call us or, if you prefer, use our Contact Form. Will make available our considerable experience acquired helping thousands of churches with baptistry selection.

Little Giant's Baptistry Selection:


The Compact Multi-Function Portable Baptistry

The Portable Baptistry is small enough to move through most doorways. With the optional table top it can be used as a baptistry, communion table and pulpit.

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