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Other Baptistery Accessories & Equipment

Little Giant wants to make each baptismal service a memorable one.  The use of some of our accessories can make it easier to get the service done.  From steps, to combo seats, to catch landings, our baptistry accessories make each service easier on both the pastor and the person being baptized.

Baptistry Fill System Accessories

All Extra Heavy Chromium Brass

Trip Lever Drain Overflow and Drain Release Unit

Trip Lever Drain Overflow

  • 3 Ft. or 3-1/2 Ft.
  • Model No. 172
  • List Price - $80.00

Wall Spout

Wall Spout

  • 3/4 inch
  • Model #WS2
  • List Price - $45.00

Single Fill Faucet

Single Fill Faucet

  • 1/2 inch S.P.S.
  • Model # SFF
  • List Price - $45.00

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