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Baptistry Water Fill Systems

Little Giant is proud to offer our line of auto-fill systems to add the convenience of not having to baby-sit your baptistry pool while it fills.  With our systems it’s as easy as flipping a light switch and forgetting about it.  We offer two systems, our #3000 and #5000 which both can be added to any heater we make, and even without a heater if you so choose. 

Our #3000 system is an automatic fill system only.  It provides the convenience of turning on a light switch and having the baptistry pool start to fill until the desired water height is reached.  It then turns itself off and goes into the heating and circulating mode.  The good thing about this system is it also gives you dry-fire protection, meaning it will only start the heater and pump once the baptistry pool is full.  If the proper water level is not met, the heater and pump will not turn themselves on.  This feature alone is worth its cost by giving you the peace of mind that you cant dry-fire your element accidentally.  

The #5000 system is a complete turn key kit that provides the auto fill, auto heat, and auto drain processes.  This system comes with everything you need for installation, all you have to do is pick which size heater you want to go with it.  **Heater is not included in the price, it is extra.  The system comes with the auto fill devices, the pump, and the installation kit.  The #5000 auto fill system provides the same features as the #3000, but adds the automatic drain feature, and also comes with a mountable control panel that may be installed wherever you like.  The control panel has a selectable switch to turn the system on, off, and drain.  It’s that easy!!  Enjoy the convenience of controlling your baptistry heating system from the pastor’s study, or the changing room.  No more getting wet to open the drain, or turn the faucet off.  Pick out the appropriate size heater for your baptistry pool, and add the #5000 and you are finished.

No. 3000 Remote Operated Electric Fill Valve

Most Churches Use the #3000 Fill System

3000 fill systemwith #2 Fill Port and Automatic Water Level Control and Automatic Heating and Low Water Cut Off Protection for Heater and Pump.

Operation: When power is turned on, baptistry will automatically fill and turn off at proper level. Heater (and pump) automatically turn on and heat baptismal water to adjustable thermostat temperature. Heater and pump turn off. Proper water level is automatically maintained. Heater and pump are protected against abnormal low water condition.

List Price - $250.00

Note: Wall spouts of other styles can be supplied in place of the flush fill port (Model #2).

No. 5000 Automatic Filling, Heating, Draining System

Baptistry Automatic Water System

5000 Auto ControlA Deluxe, completely automatic remote control system provides effortless, accurate control of all fill, heat and drain functions from an attractive remote control console panel. Included in the Automatic 5000 are:

  1. Automatic Filling (Just turn switch to on)
  2. Automatic Water Level Control
  3. Automatic Thermostatic Heating
  4. Low Water Cut-off Protection for Heater & Pump
  5. Overflow & Drain Release Unit (Just turn switch to drain)
  6. Water Circulating Pump
  7. Remote Control Panel

List Price - $600.00

All functions of this Complete Automatic Control System are operated by one 3-way "on," "off," "drain" switch. This switch can be located at any convenient location - for instance - the Pastor's study. Two 24-volt circuits are all that is required from switch to baptistry heater contactor and drain. All controls, materials, heater, etc., are supplied with complete installation and wiring instructions.

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